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Searching for SG-1 Information!

Okay, for any Stargate SG-1 fans reading this post, I'm getting frustrated.

I am trying to pin down a date for the death of Dr. Janet Fraiser. I've looked around the internet (who knew Wikipedia had so much information on SG-1?), and had a friend do the same, but cannot find anything.

Is there even such a thing as a fan-assembled or official Timeline for the show? I would love a link to it, if so, as Google has failed me on that score as well.

This is all for a fic that has ties to a real-world event...or will, if I can determine that the dates aren't wildly off.

Help is deeply appreciated--and if you can offer the information, I would have no problem, say, writing you a short fic as a thank you. *puppy-dog eyes*

ETA: Do we have an approximate date or a good guess at one for the begining of SG-1 season 9/Atlantis season 2? I'm not watching the current seasons, hence the question, which I think has a bearing on which date I'll choose as most likely for the above question.
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