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August 23rd, 2010

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09:07 pm - Okay, not really.
I am dead of tired, though. I forgot exactly how tough 6 hours of manual labor actually is. *falls over*

On an entirely different note, is anyone else watching Flashpoint? It's a cleverly written, realistic, painful yet hopeful procedural about a SWAT/hostage negotiation team. The quiet subtlety of the character work (much of it visual or with only a couple lines of dialogue) reminds me of old skool CSI, and the stories are fairly awesome, with an emphasis on a wide variety of human beings and their motivations and backgrounds. None of the over-emphasis on titillating sex, here; and sometimes the solutions are far stranger, or far more mundane, than one would think possible at the beginning.

I like this show.
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Date:August 30th, 2010 05:56 am (UTC)
Manual labor takes it out of you, it's true, but it's so satisfying when it's done and the thing is clean/cooked/folded/whatever.

And of course the show has to be on CBS, so I'll have to remember to go watch some of it on their site instead of just putting it on my Hulu queue and letting that remind me. *ties string around finger* Have you heard anything about the show that's coming out called Blue Bloods? My mom's all excited to see it because apparently Tom Selleck is in it, minus the Magnum PI shorts.

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