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Seeking gen White Collar fic

Okay, I'm not as hooked on this show as I have been on some, but it's really quite good, and I am now sad that there will be no new episodes until the new year.

Also, looking for fic is really, really annoying, because most of it seems to be Peter/Neal or Elizabeth/Peter/Neal, and what I want is GEN, okay? Because the sheer gen possibilities of this show, with Neal and June and Mozzie and Elizabeth and Diana and Peter and Jones... They're quality, and multiplicative, and fun, and why are people writing pairings when the gen would be so amazing?

(Not that I would object to good Peter/Elizabeth, mind you. They're a fun married couple, reminding me just a bit of Wash and Zoe.)

Please, though, rec me good White Collar gen and I will love you forever. (So would kalquessa, I imagine, since she hooked me on the show.)
Tags: friendship, gen fic, kalquessa, pairings, request, white collar

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