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Supernatural 6x01

I can't do long reviews, but I think I shall try to do a short one for each episode this season, at least. 3 to 5 items about the episode, good, bad, or speculative. :)

In the comments, you may express opinions contrary to my own, but no bashing of any person or character, please.

--Oh, man, that opening montage. Absolutely wonderful. Dean's new life, how he's settled into work and family and relationships, but still feels the hole in his life left by hunting. That last bit, where he crawls into bed with Lisa, cuddles up against her, and lets his other hand drop off the mattress where he could easily grab the shotgun if he needed to? Perfect.

And the SONG that was set to!

--Dean with Lisa (and Ben): I love that Lisa cuts him a lot of slack, understands where he's coming from, but will also call him on his bullshit and tell him how things are affecting her and Ben. Not a stereotypical relationship, but a real one, and a really healthy one.

--All the questions. Sam and Samuel. Monsters behaving differently. Secrets the Campbells are keeping (even from Sam, if I read that scene correctly). I can't wait to see where all of this goes!

--The difference in the interaction between Sam and Dean. I do hope that they regain some of that brotherly relationship, but I love that Sam tells Dean that "things are just better when you're there," and that they're able, as they were at the very end of last season, to talk to each other as equals and adults. Dean didn't punch Sam out for not telling him Sam was out of the cage...but he didn't let them off the hook, either.
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