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Searching for a song via partial lyrics

You guys, Google (and a couple other search engines) are failing me. I heard a song on a TV episode (perks of my new job, I see stuff before it airs here) and for the life of me I cannot find it. I've tried all the lyrics I can recall, but I guess I'm either not getting them right or they're a bit too common to trigger what may be a lesser-known song.

They may not be totally accurate, but very close (I transcribed them off audio, after all, which is how the song came to my attention). Male solo singer, style a bit folk/country, slow.

"If I had to count up all my mistakes,
I would have to go away...

I can't take another yesterday
I'm not strong enough to fade away...

Would I cease to be?
Or would I be redeemed?"

Any help would be appreciated.
Tags: music, request

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