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Supernatural 6x02 - Light One Candle

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October 2nd, 2010

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06:56 pm - Supernatural 6x02
Aww. I liked this. Better pacing than last week, though still a bit crowded-feeling.

--Erm. Has Sera Gamble been reading dodger_winslow's Skin Deep? Because a bunch of the shifter stuff, including the leader being called the "alpha," could have been ripped straight from those pages. :)

--The different reactions to the baby, from Sam and from Dean, were fairly hilarious and appropriate. Dean was so much more chill about it than Sam, and had a better idea of how to go about it, while Sam was quite petrified. (Also, I do not subscribe to the fanon that Dean knows how to take care of infants because of Sam. Dean was four when Mary died; you can't change diapers at that age. Hurrah for show realism!)

--I was a little unsettled by the ending, because I'm no more sure than Lisa and Dean how this whole thing is going to work out. But I love that Lisa defuses Dean's black-and-white either/or view of hunting and family. "Let's break that rule" indeed; no wonder Dean loves her.

--Who was papa Campbell calling? This seems very X-Files, or perhaps Initiative (BtVS). Was Dean right? Did Christian and his wife want to adopt a baby shifter, or would that baby have been headed for wherever the djinn was sent?

Oh! ETA: last week I was really moved by Dean's decision to stay with Lisa and Ben, because he believed that protecting them was better done by staying with them. It made me think of John, and why John didn't just send the boys to live with someone else--he wanted to protect them. And behold: Dean's issue this week is how not to be too much like John. Way to hit all the right spots, Show!

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