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Question for Blakes 7 fans

A friend of a friend is hosting a party which he does periodically, called TV Pilot Day. People bring the pilot episodes for shows they want to convert other people to watching, and we spend all day watching said episode.

I want to bring Blakes 7, because it's great and so few U.S. fans I know have even heard of it.

The one rule that is throwing me: if the pilot episode is a two-parter or a 90-minute episode, we are expected to bring, instead, a different single episode that would be a good introduction to the show.

1) Is there any way the B7 pilot could count as a stand-alone episode? Because it was a great introduction to the show, to me, but it's sort of part 1 of a 2-part introduction to the whole crew and set-up.

2) If the consensus is that the pilot will not work, what season one/early season two episode would you recommend to introduce the show to people who have never heard of it. (They are likely sf fans, fortunately.)
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