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Supernatural 6x03

Hmmm. Not the best episode ever, but again, some fun stuff in it.

--I am really pleased to see Castiel again. I'm iffy about the angel storyline (as I often was for the past 2 seasons), but I loved the way he interacted with Sam and Dean, and how he seems both to have reverted to being that steel-hard warrior we first met, and at the same time has learned the lessons of acting in freedom much more thoroughly than some of his brothers. ("This is what you do with it?!")

Haha, the air quotes! 'My "people skills" are "rusty".'

--Actually, instead of the normal "Oh, Winchesters," reaction, this episode had me going "Oh, Cas."

--I LOVE that our opener is Dean dreaming about waking up next to Lisa. And that we hear from Ben a couple of times during the episode, and it's clear that Dean is still very connected with both of them, and misses them. DOIN' IT RITE, SHOW.

--This was actually the first episode where I could tell that something really is off with Sam. Before, I could put it down to his year hunting alone/with the Campbells, or to aftereffects of his time in the Cage with Lucifer (and Jake and Michael). Hmmm. I'm actually kind of disturbed by his comment to Dean at the end, about time in Hell affecting people differently. Sam has a point with that, but I didn't take it the way Dean did, as a slur on Dean's strength--it struck me because people keep carefully referring to "the Cage" rather than "hell" as where Sam was, and I want to know exactly how different his experience actually was. Did he bribe his way out somehow? Dean was driven to torture others; what torments and temptations would Sam have been exposed to instead?

--At least the brothers are trying to talk, this time around. Or Dean is. Bless.
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