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Supernatural 6x05


--Okay, anything that can use and make mock of Twilight (yes, I have read the first 2 books) with this kind of attention to detail deserves extra kudos right there. Down to Dean's "God help me, I'm Pattinson," comment when he's in the bedroom with Lisa.

--It was also a visually striking episode, with the lights and the blood and that high awesome ceiling. Someone's doing color meta for this season, I'm sure. Anyone know where I might find some? Cause we were back to a lot of red and blue here...

--Not sure what to make of the Campbell recipe for un-vamping a vampire. Feels kind of like a get-out-of-jail-free card, even though they tried to take that edge off with the "no blood drinking" rule

--Hmmm. I'm not shocked that the monsters are building armies. Power vacuum, anyone? At least they're way more interesting than the Ori. :)

--Dean/Lisa: I don't think it's over yet. I can think of reasons why it should be, and I imagine that's why Lisa's not picking up Dean's calls. But I predict we haven't seen the last of her and Ben. (That was an uncomfy and painful scene, when he goes to visit them.)

-- DEAR SAM, WTF. Obviously Samuel is right, and you did let Dean get turned on purpose. You are the consummate hunter, now, but the fact that it's really getting in the way of any concern for individuals fighting on the side of good is disturbing. BE OKAY, SAM. :(

--re: the above: Sam clearly too dissembling lessons FROM LUCIFER, y/y?
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