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Meeting an awesome writer

Well, writer/producer. I can't believe I forgot to tell you guys about this!

The Thursday before Halloween, I attended a talk with 3 horror film writers: Eric Heisserer (the new Nightmare on Elm Street, The Thing); Scott Derrickson (Exorcism of Emily Rose); and one Matt Greenberg (1408, Halloween H2O, Reign of Fire).

I'd met Derrickson before (he's a Christian), but did not know much of the work of the other two writers. However, when introducing themselves, Greenberg added (almost under his breath, hilariously) that he had created a TV show, "not horror," The Invisible Man.

I about bounced out of my seat. :) And after the talk, I made a point of chatting with him and telling him how much I've enjoyed I-Man. He seemed surprised and pleased.
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