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Supernatural 6x07


--Okay, confirmation that Sam has no soul (definitely liked that they postulated that it's probably still in the Cage, because that certainly seems most likely), but Samuel does.

--Nice twist with Crowley calling the shots; I admit I did not see that coming.

--But. Purgatory, Show? Really? Yes, I do know my Dante, thank you very much; and while the idea of creatures without a choice getting to end up in Purgatory is not without interest, I think it just shows that the writers really haven't read Dante in a while. (IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN LIMBO, SILLIES. VACANT AND HELL-ADJACENT. I'm just saying.)

--I'm very intrigued by the shift in the dynamic between the brothers, by Sam's willingness to allow Dean, with his intact soul/empathy/instincts, to call the shots, and Dean's very mature ability to take this really rough situation and deal with it.

Dean, I am very impressed with you right now.

I am especially impressed because while this could be viewed as a slide back into very old, bad habits--Dean looking out for Sam because Sam cannot be trusted to be a good man by himself--it comes across as the opposite. Dean wants Sam to be the decisive, insightful man he had become by the end of last season, whom Dean could stop making decisions for and allow to be his own strong, awesome person. And here, we feel that. Dean feels that loss as much as we do, and he would do almost anything to get that Sam back.

--I'm less impressed that apparently we're supposed to think that a lot of Christian's douchiness was due to possession. *facepalm*

--Also, I miss Sam. :( Anybody want to rec me really good Sam-centric fic?
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