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Writing and fic and real life...

Well, I failed to meet the deadline for intoabar. I have part of a fic, and it's fun, but I got bogged down in a sense that the conversation just isn't quite working, so I need to poke at it some more. Hmph.

In the wake of that, I have decided (again, yes, I know how this usually works out, lol) that I really need to try and focus as much of my writing time as possible on original stuff. I have a short film script and a TV spec that I am trying to finish rewriting by the end of the month (hooray for Thanksgiving long weekend!). Then I may allow myself to take December to work on finishing some fannish project, such as visions!Dean and/or a couple of shorts like my poor intoabar fic, or the SPN Sam & Lisa fic that is trying to eat my brain right now, or the extension of my N3 ficlet Uneven.

Also, no more ficathons for me. I've decided that I just can't do Yuletide again, even though I managed it well last year. Aside from the next round at thewritersguild, where I have already signed up, and remixthedrabble, if they ever do another round, I'm just not signing up for ficathons this coming year. Please, if you love me, hold me to that. :P
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