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Supernatural 6x08

First: they killed a dog! OMG! (Screenwriter in-joke, sorry.)

--Is it just me, or did they deliberately cast someone who looks a bit like Lisa for the skinwalker's "owner"? Heh.

--First really solid case story of the season, I think. Nice twist with it not being a werewolf.

Tangent: why are the shapeshifting baddies often sympathetic on this show? I'm not making this up, I don't think. Two of the shapeshifters, Madison, this guy... Hmmm.

--Am totally creeped out by Sam in his soulless state. Am not thrilled that I find myself doubting his motives even when he clearly wants what he's going for, i.e. getting his soul back. SAMMY. :(

Speaking of: how amazing is Jared Padalecki, ladies and gentlemen? I hope he's having fun filming this season.

--Dean is not drinking in this episode, that I noticed. Fascinating, considering that he spends half the time being freaked out by his brother.

--Um, boys? What makes you think Crowley would actually keep his word? One of you should be suggesting that nasty possibility, until you get Mr. King of Hell to sign some contract that's binding even on him.

Next week: FAIRIES! I am very excited for this one. *bounces*
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