izhilzha (izhilzha) wrote,

Supernatural 6x09

Some angst, some lolz, some clever moments

--The whole X-Files parody was fairly awesome. Well done, SPN cast and crew. :)

I'm particularly entertained because Castle also did an XF-riffing episode this week.

--I'm not sure I've ever seen a story just flat-out say that the UFO stuff makes total sense as a modern explanation for fairie activity. I really like this as a theory and would totally read a novel based on it.

--Sam needs to get his soul back soon. I can see Jared's having a great time with the role right now, and the writers are really selling Sam's soullessness, but I want Sam back.

p.s. Sam totally doesn't want his soul back, does he? He doesn't want to suffer all the time. I wish Dean's response to that had been, "Don't you remember how much more awesome you could feel with a soul? It's not just the suffering; it's everything else."

Sorry there isn't more to this review; I got food poisoning last night and am still somewhat under the weather.
Tags: reviews, supernatural, tv

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