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Supernatural 6x10

Holy crap, Show.

--WTF, Grandpa Samuel? I actually am really intrigued by his interaction with his grandsons in this episode. It makes sense that he would be more strongly connected to Mary than to Dean, or even to Sam (since apparently he's started thinking of Sam as non-human since the whole soul thing came to light?). But that's an obsession that dwarfs John's into oblivion; as Dean points out, and he could have gone even further, because I don't believe for a second that John would have traded Sam or Dean for Mary, no matter how much he wanted her back.

Also, I yelled at the screen, because honestly if anyone knows how badly demon deals go, it is Dean.

Otoh, I'm sad at the familial divisions. :(

--Interesting to watch them work with Meg. The differences between Sam and Dean, talking to Cas, going into the monster prison (wonder if we'll ever know who that girl was? they didn't *have* to highlight her so much)... even more obvious around Meg. Dean is nervous, scaring up his bravado, flashing back to Meg's role in the death of Jo and Ellen. Sam? Is calm, cool, collected, and scary. It works great for their plan, but... *shudder* There was a time when it would have been Sam melting down over having to work with the demon who once possessed his body.

--I love Castiel. Have I said that lately? Even the porn scene... I'm usually twitchy about how Show does sex jokes with the angel (especially the throw-away "boner" line), but for the payoff of the random kiss later, even that was worth it. MOAR CAS PLZ, SHOW.

--This episode did a good job of having reasons for things that are usually just silly plot holes. Instead of killing them right away, Crowley has Sam and Dean locked up. I facepalm. But then it becomes clear that they are going to be monster food! Sam lies outright to get Cas to come down to them, and then mocks Cas for falling for it (which is what I was doing a couple seconds before).

--Also, yay for ingenuity! When Sam started gnawing on his own wrist, I had no idea what was up, but clever soulless Sam, setting a trap with his own blood.

(Whose blood did they use for the second trap, I want to know? Was there Meg's lying around?)

Also also: when Sam bit his wrist, it made me flash back to Sam drinking demon blood. And wonder why we haven't seen anything about his powers since he came back. We know, from the blood-drinking and from "Death Takes a Holiday," that Sam's powers are/were connected to his body, not his soul. So he should still have them, right? Why isn't he using them? Or thinking about using them? Sera Gamble is running the show now; she can't possibly have forgotten that. :)

--OMG THEY KILLED CROWLEY. I have no idea where we're going now, what we're doing, who the "big bad" of the season might be (please tell me it's not Sam *whimper*), and I LOVE IT.

Which doesn't mean I won't miss Crowley, because I totally will.

--I'm scared for Sam, because he really has no need to get his soul back, now.

I don't want a show with soulless Sam. I miss Sam like crazy, you guys. I miss the Sam that could do what he did in "Point of No Return." It makes me sad that he's not there. I'm with Dean: get the soul back, deal with the consequences later.

Am glad that Show has laid out, finally, that Crowley was lying and that Sam's soul is still trapped in the Cage with a couple of very bored and angry archangels. That's what I've been assuming, but nice to have it confirmed.
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