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Fanfic Year in Review!

I shall be busy tomorrow, and did not get more writing done in the last week of the old year as I had hoped I might. So I shall post now.

the fic year in review

stories i wrote this year:

In chronological order (completed, or standalone series fragments):

1. Paid Back (Supernatural)
At first, he thinks it's a nightmare. Dean-whump, written for feliciakw's birthday!

2. The Mansion of a Love (Numb3rs)
O, I have bought the mansion of a love but not possess'd it, and, though I am sold, not yet enjoy'd... Larry/Megan. A first-time fic. Sort of.

3. Family Business (Numb3rs/Supernatural)
Don Eppes walks into a bar . . . and meets John Winchester. Written for A Ficathon Walks Into A Bar.

4. Only A Day Away (Numb3rs)
Why can't Robin find Don? What's happened to him, to his team? Don/Robin. WARNING: Dark. Deaths of major characters. Written for numb3rswriteoff, Team Angst, prompt: tomorrow.

5. Home is Where.... (Numb3rs)
Sometimes only touch can make home real. Drabble.

6. New Normal (The Sentinel)
Jim's sentinel thing comes with extreme attention to the tactile sense. Blair doesn't realize just how much until it's gone. Drabble.

7. The Longest Road (Doctor Who)
The Doctor isn't here yet. Bollocks. Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond, Rory Williams (Amy/Rory). Finally, finally, a Doctor-companions set which enabled me to write this particular story.

8. Physician, Heal Thyself (midrash)
He was not beautiful. That was a lie. Based on Luke chapter 4 and a modern icon.

9. Anesthetic (Numb3rs)
Don had meant to be reassuring. Don/Liz. Romantic humorous fluff.

10. Preparation (midrash)
Sometimes, as a child, she had thought there would never be an end to waiting. Based on Luke chapter 1.

my new WIP's were:

No new WIP's, this year, which is not unusual.

I continued working on “Each Should Carry” (Supernatural), the story my betas persist in referring to as visions!Dean.

And I am still trying to get the long-form Numb3rs apocafic “Uneven” to a point where I actually think it's fit to post. Hrmph.

my favorite story of the year. not the most popular, but the one that makes me happiest:

The Longest Road

From my past year of writing, what was...

my best story:

The Longest Road, by a mile.

story most under-appreciated by the universe:

New Normal

most fun:

Family Business

most disappointing:

None, really. I'm a bit sad I didn't get the expanded version of Uneven posted this year, but it's been a rough year and it's not a short fic, now.

story with single sweetest moment:

The Longest Road (Rory spooning with Amy in the slave quarters)

or The Mansion of a Love (I don't have to explain this, do I?)

story with the sexiest moment


story with most interesting idea:

The Longest Road, I suppose - all that alien environment stuff, the plant walls.

hardest story to write:

The ones I didn't finish, ha. More seriously: toss-up between Family Business (John Winchester, enough said) and The Longest Road.

easiest story to write:

Paid Back

most unintentionally telling story:

The Longest Road
Well, a good bit of the content was intentional, but on a recent reread, good lord, there is more in there than I meant to put in. O_o

most "OHMIGOD HEY *I* WROTE THAT" fanon-turned-canon moment:

None this year.

looking back, did you write more fic than you thought you would did this year, less, or about what you'd predicted?

Less, especially given that I also wrote less original stuff that I'd hoped to. Grrrr. :(

what pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you would never have predicted in january 2010?

Don Eppes/Liz Warner. I was not a fan of this pairing in canon, and I never read fic about it. But what am I to do when they get sexy and funny in my brain?

what's your favorite story of the year?

I can never pick just one for this question, and this year there are quite a few. I've put these in no particular order:

Aral Vorkosigan's Dog, by philomytha (Vorkosigan Saga)
Illyan is assigned to watch Aral Vorkosigan during the Escobaran war. Soon he has to choose between his duty and his conscience, and the consequences rapidly get beyond him. AKA, Illyan falling in loyalty with Aral Vorkosigan. Fantastic companion story to the novel Shards of Honor. One of the best gen friendship pieces I've read in a very long time.

Harriet and Sergeant, by Anonymous (Lord Peter Wimsey)
Bunter snaps a photo, Peter gets a cough, and Harriet starts a novel. Somehow, in the middle of it all, Harriet and Bunter come to an understanding. Somehow, this author manages to write Harriet and Bunter (and Peter) just as canon has them, and yet show utterly believable new sides of both. This is why I love gen, btw: there are so many wondrous permutations to human affection and interaction.

Electric Blue, by philomytha (Doctor Who/Vorkosigan Saga)
Amy asked to visit a planet with lots of horses. So Eleven takes her and Rory to Barrayar. Hijinks ensue and then some!

Walk Out With Me to the Unknown Region, by rutsky (Doctor Who)
Given the slightest opportunity, chance, the universe’s bastard child by chaos, tends toward life. Or, what happened on Platform One after the Doctor left. This story is too long, and its pov character verges towards Mary Sue territory once or twice, but it's my absolute favorite take on Captain Jack Harkness EVER. And mostly the original characters are really enjoyable.

Embodyment of Hope, by kerravonsen (Narnia/Sandman)
Aslan meets Despair of the Endless, and what happens then. If you only read one story I recced this year, make it this one. And leave the author some feedback; it's criminal that this story hasn't gotten more attention!

To Dance On the Floor in the Round, by pepper_field (Stargate SG-1)
"This may be problematic." Entirely gen teamy babyfic. Yes, it is. Yes, it works. It will make you grin... and may also make you think.

Untitled, by twoskeletons (Supernatural)
Basically it poses the interpretation that angels are not messengers, but messages. Obedience to God is a moot point, because an email or a letter can't be obedient to you. They don't have the faculties to BE obedient, they just ARE. My knee-jerk reaction is of course to ask, "What if Castiel was just a message?" Yeah, I don't know what this is. But I loved it.

My Life's Come Off Its Tracks, by mimblexwimble
Dean tells her, things are going fine, yeah he got into a fight and no, he doesn’t want to talk about it. He’s getting better and better at this sign language thing. Preseries, with a stunningly good little!kid!Sam point of view, ASL, and guest appearances by Bobby and Pastor Jim. May break your heart a little.

did you take any writing risks this year?

Baring my soul in metaphor doesn't really count anymore, since I've been doing that for a while now. I did write a couple of more sexy het pieces this year. Heck, out of the 10 fics, at least 5 are nominally het, a big change for me.

what fanfic or profic goals did you make last year, and how did you do in meeting them?

These are my goals from last year:

Profic :

--write at least 10 pages a month. (goal set by writer's group.)

Didn't do well at measuring it like this. Probably got close, though.

--write 3 short film scripts this year.

Wrote 1. Am now rewriting it to make it better.

--finish draft of murder mystery script.

I think this story might be dead, which makes me sad. Either that, or it needs a new jump-start of inspiration.

--continue working on super-sekrit project with producer that I know.

This fizzled out. I'm starting to think I'm not great at working with other creatives. Feh.


--Finish Each Should Carry. Get it beta'd and post it for all to enjoy.

Wrote a bit more, did not yet finish.

--Get the long version of Uneven tweaked and posted.

--Finish that darn TS AU fic. (Someday I will, if I keep it on the list, right?)


do you have any fanfic or profic goals for the new year?

Profic goals for 2011:

--write 1-2 more spec scripts, after current rewrite of Supernatural spec is completed.

--write 1-2 more short film scripts, after finishing current rewrite.

--develop and write pilot episode for fantasy drama series that boyfriend and I came up with this past summer.

Fanfic goals for 2011:

--Finish Each Should Carry. Get it beta'd and post it for all to enjoy.

--Get the long version of Uneven tweaked and posted.

--Finish that darn TS AU fic. (Someday I will, if I keep it on the list, right?)

--Brainstorm and finish my Megan Reeves meets mini!Jack fic that I did not get written for A Ficathon Walks Into A Bar.
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