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Images I wish I could create

Usually I'm fairly content with my way with words. I don't even take many photographs to memorialize my life--my mind and my journal are usually enough. But sometimes, every now and then, I am seized with longing to produce a visual image. And often it's not something I can write out; or at least, the desired impact should happen all at once, rather than being spread across the words necessary to describe it.

I'm going to share 2 images with you, one from last this past year, one from the past week or so.

Girl In Bedroom

(this is a painting, in mostly dark colors)

Streetlights shine pale through French windows into a dark, sparsely furnished bedroom. A man, shirtless but still in his jeans, lies on the bed, facing us, propped up on one arm. Waiting. Watching.

In the foreground, her back to the bed, stands a woman. Young, though probably not under 30, slender but not skinny. Her hair falls loose around her face and shoulders. Except for simple panties, she is naked; her arms curve around her stomach in shy modesty.

But her face, although expressing the same shyness, is also pleased. She knows he is looking at her, waiting for her to turn around and dazzle him with her full beauty. That was her intent, and is her thrill.

Starved For Affection

This could be almost any medium. It's a portrait.

The background is unclear, not important to the image. (Probably dark blues or purples; night sky.)

Taking up part of the image is a young woman crouched on the ground. Left knee down, ready to stand at a moment's notice. Her arms are wrapped around her raised knee, folding her in on herself, but she holds her head up. She doesn't look sick, her hair thick, eyes bright, simple brown/gray tunic and leggings in good repair. But she is also skeletally thin. You can see every bone, the curve of her eye sockets, her ribs and shoulder blades and hips under the fabric. Tough, but chronically ill-fed.

From her back, and taking up most of the image, is a pair of falcon wings, half open. Several times her body size, they almost look big enough to actually lift a human being. They also look completely at home on her--she's always had these beautiful wings, dark browns and reds, impeccably groomed and obviously strong.
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