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A truly random bit of xover fanfic....

...aka, the lovely things we can discover in old files on our hard drives.

Before you read this lovely bit of geekiness, you must have the background for it. There's no way to appreciate it properly, otherwise. :-D

Not quite 3 years ago, I was staying with my parents and siblings for a while post-university. While there, I got my hands on a full collection of The Sentinel, and proceeded to hook my 15-year-old brother on the show, so I would have another fan in the house. He would come into my room and read fanfic over my shoulder. Heh.

So one day, I was working on a fic of my own, and he came in and asked me what Blair and Jim were doing. I told him that Blair was dead in this fic (yes, I occasionally write such things). Then I went to get a drink of water. Note: DO NOT leave a fic unattended. You never know what might happen.

I got back to my brother seated at my computer, and a half-page added to my fic. He'd taken the last line I had written, and run with it in his own eccentric fannish way. I laughed myself silly, and then promised to show it to my fellow online fans...but haven't done so until now.

[please pardon the changes in tense and so on--I have not corrected this at all.]

“What’s this about?” Jim demanded it this time.

Blair appears in the form of a blue ghost and speaks in a eerie voice, “Jim.....
that girl in the back of the crowd, in the blue bikini? She’s really hot.”

Jim, apparently unfazed by the add appearance of his OOB partner, remarks, “Geez, I’d wondered how long it would take you to talk the FORCE into letting you back into my universe.”

Blair replies, “Yeah, I finally found a entity that realized my communicative powers, unlike my previous company.”

Jim winced. “Sorry.”

“Apology accepted, and anyway, I’m dead now, so its not like it matters, huh?” He smiled.

“So, why did the Force let you come back? So you can put me in touch with the metaphysical world, or do you just have a proverb to spout at me?”

Blair laughed, “Jim! While I was talking with the Force, it realized that your Sentinel abilities might be a form of sensitivity to itself! It sent me back in this spirit form to continue to guide you!”

Now it was Jim’s turn to laugh. “Right. When I wake up from this, I’ll make a mental note: Never read Star Wars books until 3:00 in the morning while eating pepperoni pizza.”

Hopefully you all found this as amusing and weird as I did.
Tags: family, star wars, the sentinel

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