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Supernatural 6x12

You guys, I had no idea how much I missed Sam! <3 Sam forever!

--This episode seriously felt like something out of early first season. What a beautiful thing. Now, there are a couple of tweaks I might have made to the story itself (such as, I really wish the captive girls could have helped with their own rescue), but it was great fun.

--I need to check who directed the ep. Beautiful, beautiful shots.

--I love that Sam with his soul back is so completely Sam from the end of season 5. Grown-up Sam. Even though Dean and Bobby kept things from him, he didn't flip out. He just calmly went around them to Cas, fooled Cas into telling him the basic outline of what he doesn't remember, and then laid it out for Dean. OH SAM, I MISSED YOU SO.

--So grateful that, aside from a few mild and expected Deanisms, the girls' virginity was not mocked. I was quite nervous about that. (Also, I kind of want to write a ficlet from one of the girls' pov, now. More on that if I actually do.)

--Not sure what to make of the Purgatory stuff; good that we have a new big bad for the back half of the season, and I don't "really" believe in Purgatory anyway, but it really is getting a little annoying that Show just ignores the theology they're filching. There was a time when they didn't do it quite so blatantly; honestly, how hard could it be to say "Limbo" instead of "Purgatory"?

--I'm so looking forward to the rest of the season. :)
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