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Seeking a Numb3rs beta for ficathon project

Hey, everyone! thewritersguild's current ficathon is live as of today. There may be staggered posting all this week, and some of us (me included) have to take advantage of a week of grace in which to finish our fics. They'll be posted next week.

So I'm looking for someone willing and able to beta a story that will probably be around 8,000 words when it's finished. Megan-centric, with some Megan/Larry and OCs. I'll need the beta work done either over the weekend, or early next week. I'm still writing it, but I'll also need enough time to work with your notes before the 26th, which is the absolute latest I can post it. Thanks! :)
Tags: beta, ficathon, my fics, numb3rs, request, writing

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