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Desperately need a Numb3rs beta, ASAP

Well, within the next day or two, anyway.

I'm looking for someone willing and able to beta a story that will probably be around 8,000 words. Megan-centric, with some Megan/Larry and OCs. I'm revising it now, with some grace from the moderator of the ficathon that it's for (since I got ENGAGED this week), but I want to finish and get it beta'd and posted as soon as I can, so I won't be too crazy a defaulter. (A beta reader is required for this particular ficathon.)

I'd love it if someone would be able to beta this fic tomorrow, to be back to me Saturday night or Sunday. And if you can't beta, but know of an active comm where I could seek one, please comment and tell me where! :)
Tags: beta, my fics, numb3rs, request, writing

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