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Adieu to my first online community fun: LICC

AKA The League of Intergalatic Cosmic Champions!

This was a message-board superhero Role-Playing Game started by several people who frequented the The Nitpicker Central Discussion Boards

Basically, it was a series of anything-goes, silly, dramatic, fannish, original superhero stories. Plot Twists (including the infamous Darth Simultaneous Posts) were the challenge and bane of existence on this board. I joined while I was at college, and found the experience of writing on the fly to be highly educational, not to mention amusing.

In fact, my default icon is an image of my main character, Artsy-Fartsy, whose powers included minor levitation and superspeed, mostly so she could use her artistic talents in the defeat of Evil.

Every year we had the Nitty Awards (think very silly parody of the Academy Awards and you'll get close) to honor such things as Best Comedic Storyline, Best Redshirt Death (no, I'm not joking), Favorite Hero, and Strangest Villain.

The last Nitty Awards ever were held today, as LICC as finally gone to the great story graveyard.

I was extrememly pleased to tie for the Favorite Hero Award this year. :-)

You guys? I had a lot of fun. And I'll never forget us.

Long live the LICC!
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