izhilzha (izhilzha) wrote,

Doctor Who, "The Impossible Astronaut"

Okay, very quick reactions:

1. Did not expect the gap in time, with Amy/Rory living on their own and the Doctor running off places. But I like it. I love the whole invitation thing.

2. WTF DOCTOR NOOOOO! ...uh, damn. I was not remotely spoiled for that. Ngh. Amy's face. :( And River's stiff silence. And Rory... oh, Rory. The pyre. Oh, Rory. *whimpers*

3. And we're off with the timey-wimeyness. Wow, Moffat.

4. "They won't shoot" "They're Americans!" "Don't shoot!" *dies*

"The legs, the nose, and Mrs. Robinson."/ "I hate you." That might be the line of the night.

5. Is the Silent speaking into Amy's mind? I am not clear on that.

6. I loved the conversation between River and Rory.

7. Amy's pregnant? Okay, either that's a red herring (hey, the Silents can read and manipulate minds, so....), which has been beautifully set up, or it's real, in which case I am 3 parts uneasy because TV never treats pregnancy well, and 2 parts absolutely thrilled. (see And Fill the Trees With Apples for why I love the idea of pregnant!Amy in the TARDIS)

Can it be next week now?
Tags: doctor who, reviews, tv

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