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Argh, writer's block

Seriously, you guys, I haven't found it this hard to break a story since... wow, a very long time.

It's my White Collar spec. It's kicking my butt. I spent an hour last night working on the plot, trying to fix some really stupid holes in it, and what I came up with wasn't much better. I wanted to finish working on this tonight, maybe write a few pages. I couldn't do either--and it's not just procrastination (although I am ending up doing that, too), but I look at what I have and I just can't figure out where to make it go.

*whimpers* I hate this. I even have some good ideas (conceived only lately, after my writer's group shot down my original character arc for Neal and my first two attempts at the main plot line), but... I can't make them fit. *kicks story*

Suggestions anyone? I think I'm going to try sleep, tonight.
Tags: real life, white collar, writer's block, writing

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