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Doctor Who, "The Doctor's Wife"

... I don't have an appropriate icon for this episode.

Oh, wow. I really love the twist this puts on the Doctor's entire backstory: he stole a TARDIS, yes, but she stole him first, because she wanted to see the universe. "Did you think I would ever give you back?"

Oh, Matt Smith. You are my Doctor.

Very creepy episode, with the House and the "repairs" and an evil Ood and Amy and Rory being chased around inside the TARDIS corridors and tormented.

Rory was brilliant this episode. I wanted to hug him, especially at the end.

What an utterly fantastic standalone episode! I don't think I had any quibbles with it, which is rare; and I have already watched parts of it twice. It's going to be like "Amy's Choice" was last year: I'm going to watch this one over and over.

Neil Gaiman, I <3 you.

In conclusion: I'm not sure any of us will ever watch "Parting of the Ways" in quite the same way again. :-D
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