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Doctor Who, "The Almost People" - Light One Candle

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May 28th, 2011

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07:25 pm - Doctor Who, "The Almost People"
HOLY !&*#!

1. The Silence replaced Amy with a Ganger? WTF? That was a seriously intense final scene in the TARDIS. I cannot wait to find out what happens (but oh man, I feel so sorry for Rory right now.)
ETA: Um, it was pointed out to me that Amy sees Eyepatch Lady for the first time when she's in the orphanage in ep 2, which means she's already a ganger at that point. Yikes.

2. This whole 2-parter is a compelling take on an old idea, with corners not cut. I like it.

3. 2 Doctors. Ha. :-D

4. I really, really loved the earlier incarnations voices/phrases coming out of Smith!Doctor as he stabilizes. When he yelled at Amy, though, he terrified me too.

5. Um, I still want the Doctor to explain that he's been there before. Because both of the Doctors kept calling events before they occurred. EXPLAIN PLZ.

Cannot bloody wait for next week.
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