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Doctor Who, "A Good Man Goes to War"

Okay, that was 4 parts AWESOME to about 1 part HMM and 2 parts OMGWTFBBQ.

1. Overall, that was fantastic. Suitably epic in parts, and beautifully, intimately joyful in others. Not as good as "The Doctor's Wife," but I shall be fascinated to see where all this goes.

2. RORANICUS PONDICUS. Rory is incredibly awesome, and somehow it took me up to the opening of this episode to realize exactly how hard Moffat has been setting up parallels between Rory and the Doctor. I don't know where this is going, but I like it.

3. One of my favorite tv scenes ever: Rory coming into Amy's room in his centurion outfit, with their baby in his arms. Kissing and crying and this astonishing, radiant joy from all of them. And then the Doctor comes in, tries to leave, and Rory won't let him. Best Team TARDIS ever. *tearing up*

4. Melody is Melody POND, but Rory calls Amy Mrs. Williams. LOL.

5. Worst moment of the episode: when Eyepatch Lady tells the Doctor she's fooled him twice, and my brain went: "Amy again...? Oh crap, no, Melody is Flesh!" And then she dissolved in Amy's arms, and that right there is horrific nightmare fuel, thank you Mr. Moffat. *gags*

6. What are your thoughts on the apparent theme of the Doctor harming people/worlds by being the Doctor? We visited this last year in the finale, and to me it would have been far more appropriate to Ten than to the current Eleven (who is a trickster to be sure, but quite a beneficent one overall). I feel like this will really need to go somewhere powerful, or it shall be pointless and a waste of time. However, the season is not over yet...

7. Some fantastic guest stars in this episode, despite the very quick set-ups for all of them. (Fat and Skinny Married Gay Anglican Marines, ROTFL)

8. ...aaaand the "twist" at the end. Okay. I saw that possibility for River's identity speculated upon, and didn't like it. I'm not a fan of threads pulling together too tightly within a story (i.e. Jack as Face of Boe. DNW). And yet I have to say: pending where this storyline goes, since there are many unresolved threads still in play, I am on board. And it's almost entirely due to the Doctor's reaction to finding out that Amy and Rory are River's parents. SOLD, Matt Smith.

9. These are the times when it's good to be a genficcer/canon-shipper. I have a feel a lot of 'ships and OT3s and OT4s were just render squicky to a lot of fandom. I can't feel too sorry, I'm afraid: I'm overall just far too thrilled at how Moffat is exploring family right now. *beams*

When will we have more episodes, again?

ETA: I'm seeing some comments in reviews that people dislike how gleeful the Doctor was when he finds out who River is... and that it's because he knows she's part Time Lord, now. As if that's the only reason he'd be happy to be with her.

I didn't see that at all. What I saw was 1) his glee that she was Amy and Rory's child, and 2) that she's proof that Melody will in fact be rescued. Really awesome timey-wimey proof. Did I miss something? Or is this just YMMV?
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