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God: who never leaves us where we are

"God loves you just the way you are, but He refuses to leave you that way." --Max Lucado

I'm sure some of you are familiar with this idea; it's often quoted without attribution. I sometimes find it annoying--the idea that we, creatures of God in His image, could be "wrong" at a truly fundamental level is not Christian, doctrine of original sin notwithstanding. But I've discovered that there is truth to theses words. A more startling truth than most people quoting it understand.

I have often faced the thought that I, raised in a loving home, seeking God from a young age, more content with myself in many ways that a majority of people that I know, am not broken enough for God to bother healing. Not damaged enough for God to make whole, not lost enough for him to bother redeeming.

If you've ever thought that, I tell you now: it's a lie.

It's a lie we need sometimes, to explain to ourselves why although we've been good and sought God, He has not stepped in to help us. It's a lie we tell ourselves when we say we're good enough; when we live up to the rules as best we can, and are frustrated because it seems that there isn't anywhere else to go, even though we long for something more. It's a lie we tell others so they won't think we're privileged and whiny when we are in pain.

No matter how whole you already are, or how far along on your spiritual journey, there is always more. If you've followed all the rules, there's freedom waiting for you. If you've sheltered yourself in fear or worry, there's glorious revelations and connections waiting for you outside your comfort zone. If you've put God's love for you into a box, feeling that you're not worthy, God may tear down all you know of yourself so that He can prove that at your most basic level He still thinks you're worth anything He has to give. If you feel like you've hit the ceiling, but wish there were more to God, to yourself... there is. Keep looking, and keep asking for it.

The worst of us, and the middling majority, are on a visible, obvious journey. But even the best of us still have gifts and restoration waiting, things we never could imagine.

God is infinite, and His work in us is also infinite. Take a deep breath, and ask Him what He has for you today.
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