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Writing update

Because I feel it's been a while since I mentioned. I guess weddings and such will do that to one. :)

I'm working on my Doctor Who story for the Finish-a-thon right now. It's being difficult, but I think it's moving forward.

I'm also working on kerravonsen's help_japan fic--Kat, I've got ideas for 3 of the sections, and one of them is almost finished. :)

I'm also working on a Larry/Megan fic, off and on, but it may never get posted, because it's... sort of smut. It's also a missing scene, because apparently I cannot write smut unless it is character/plot related. So there's that.

I'm taking a break from writing scripts.

I may revise a short film script I have, or work a bit more on my SPN spec rewrite, but overall I am giving myself permission to work on a novel that's been in my head since I was 16. It's now going to be scifi rather than fantasy, and I'm starting to get really excited about it. Partly I'm doing this to get the story out of my head, partly because I think it's a really fantastic idea, and partly because prose is more relaxing for me and I feel I will need that as a new bride.
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