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Freaky weird message on my answering machine

I got home last night to a blinking on my machine, and pushed play, assuming it was probably some telemarketer's lame attempt to convince me to take out a loan, or buy their product (or vote Republican, though I already do so).

Instead, I hear this:

Robert [gibberish last name]. Wanted. Dead or alive.

Robert [more gibberish]. Wanted. Dead. Or alive.

In a thick, probably Spanish- or Armenian-accented male voice.

That was it. I stood there thinking, what on earth? What do they expect me to do, ask some guy his name, recognize it, and call the cops? I seriously doubt that the San Fernando Valley is full of potential vilgilantes, but this call has made me doubt that assessment just a tad.

Or it could be some weird new form of phone-pranking.
Tags: real life, wrong number

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