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Nothing much, just a kind of catch-up post

Writing is going swimmingly. This is one of those times when I have three different projects going on, two of them on some type of deadline. My fic for the BNL Lyric Ficathon is being written. My murder mystery script is finally having its 3rd-act plot start to come together. And there's a Sentinel fic that I wrote a draft of about 2 years ago, which thanks to my friend V. (and the sheer personal power of the story, for me) has started to gain new life and structure.

I do love the feeling of a story coming together in the right words, the right pace. Who needs any other kind of high, when you've got that?

Actually, on that note, here's something I wrote a while back. It didn't come out quite the way I planned it, and I may try again someday, but until then I present:

The Prayer of the Christian Fan Fiction Writer

by izhilzha

Father of beauty, of strength, of truth;
Lord of wisdom, of redemption, of love;
Spirit of power, of peace, of joy;
I open to you, Storyteller.

Thanking you for patterns created,
molded in minds made quick by your gifts.
Thanking you for clearer reflections,
my own story framed in another’s words.

Asking you for the strength for my journey,
for wide-open eyes, for a heart free to love.
Asking for stories, poured out through my mouth,
tales of hope for my fen, for my tribe.

Praising your worth, your unending delights,
bestowed upon us in most unlikely shapes.
Praising your holiness, grace set apart,
the truth of the forms we embrace in the tales.

Spirit of excellence, of life, of speech;
Lord of acceptance, of newness, of light;
Father of forgiveness, of birth, and of death,
Come fill me now, Storyteller.
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