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Shows I am currently loving (aka come watch, no, seriously)

White Collar
Genre: heist, buddy crime drama
Love Status: recently leapt from Enjoy Regularly to Cannot Ever Miss
Fandom Activity Status: I've tried writing a spec, and I read good gen fic or Peter/El when I can find it.

Premise: Peter Burke is a white-collar crime FBI agent. Neal Caffrey is the con man and forger he caught, who now consults with the FBI and wears a tracking anklet. They are friends (of a sort) and They Fight Crime.

Five Reasons Why I Watch:
1. It's a great buddy show. Peter & Neal have fantastic, hilarious, biting chemistry. (Not literally!)
2. Peter and his wife Elizabeth are one of my favorite married couples in fiction.
3. In fact, pretty much every single female character on WC is amazing, despite the two leads being male.
4. As actor Matt Bomer boasts, White Collar lives in the beautiful, upscale, artistic parts of New York, which is almost worth the price of admission itself.
5. Neal is terrifyingly smart. And Peter, whom you might expect to be a fuddy-duddy stick-in-the-mud in comparison... is even smarter than Neal. It's a truly addicting combination. <3

Why You Should Be Watching:
You should be watching this show because it does not insult the intelligence of the viewer: it neither waters down morality to shades of gray, nor does it draw everything in terms of black-and-white. It's complex, while also being exciting and heart-warming. What is not to love?

Genre: action, emergency/crime drama
Love Status: Enjoy Regularly
Fandom Activity Status: Is there a fandom for this show? I see the occasional fic or icon post, but it must be hella small.

Premise: The Strategic Response Unit team, basically SWAT, responds to different crises in Toronto, while dealing with their relationships and struggling to support each other.

Five Reasons Why I Watch:
1. Characters that I can identify with and that feel like people I know.
2. Stories that, while being exciting and moving, manage to steer more often into real emotion and real, human complexity, rather than sentimentality or sensationalism.
3. E.g., the default for excitement on this show is not sexuality or sexual/gratuitous violence; it runs the whole gamut of possible human motivations and desires.
4. It stars Enrico Colantoni, aka Mathesar (from Galaxy Quest) and Veronica Mars' dad. (There are also other handsome men on the show...and unlike some emergency dramas, they too run the romantic gamut, from single to happily married to divorced, no kids to many kids, etc.)
5. It's a show that, while dealing with the worst we can do to each other, also manages to look squarely into the best of who we are, and acknowledge how much of that goodness we really have.

Why You Should Be Watching:
Mostly because of #5. The first episode I saw concerned a man on trial for the presumed shaking death of his infant daughter. He breaks out of prison just to hold the pathologist at gunpoint and make her redo all the tests...because he *knows* he did not kill his beloved daughter. The team talks him down by getting him to admit the possibility--just maybe, he could have done it, even if he doesn't remember it. The man tries to kill himself, and they stop him. And... in the last scene, the new test results reveal that the pathologist jumped the gun. The child died from meningitis, not being shaken. The man was right; he did not kill his daughter. The show is full of twists like that; very fond of changing what looked horrible into something understandable, and sometimes something downright heroic. <3

Genre: science fiction, X-Men ripoff
Love Status: Falling in Fannish Love
Fandom Activity Status: Haven't even looked. I just watch the show every week. As soon as it airs, if possible. And four episodes I was already plotting spec scripts.

Premise: A small group of humans with unusual (though natural) powers works with the government to find and rescue people like them... and to stop people like them from hurting others. Basically, it's the X-Men writ small.

Five Reasons Why I Watch:
1. A friend at work recommended it to me; he watches Doctor Who and other lovely sci-fi, and generally has good judgment about these sorts of things.
2. I love the X-Men. So I assumed that this would be like Heroes--an attempt to play in a similar world that falls woefully shot. BUT IT'S NOT THAT AT ALL.
3. Everyone has powers, but that means they have weaknesses, too. And not pastede-on-yey weaknesses, but real one--the gal with super-senses, her weaknesses are obvious, but the guy with super-strength is prone to fits of anger which got him kicked out of the FBI.
4. Everyone has personality strengths and weaknesses, too, and again they are very real. Nina is never patient. Bill has boundary problems; he's the guy who will eat your lunch out of the office fridge (or the doughnut on your desk) and not even apologize. Gary (I LOVE GARY) is high-functioning autistic, and it's not downplayed for the story--the story has to bend around him. Rachael (second favorite!) loves her family, but they think she's disabled, and she's also almost pathologically incapable of asserting herself.
5. One of the same reasons I love Supernatural: everything is practical and down-to-earth. Technology isn't fancy, and it often breaks. People rarely get where they need to be in the nick of time. Personality conflicts actively hamper the plots.

Why You Should Be Watching:
If you like the X-Men, or similar things, this is something you should check out. If you like character-driven drama with a side of scifi, this is also something for you. Mostly I watch it for the people, but there's a low-key arc developing as well, and I look forward to seeing where they take it. I can't imagine it will be all that predictable, based on the episodes so far.
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