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Doctor Who, "Let's Kill Hitler"

Finally, I had time to watch this! (It's amazing how much planning a wedding interferes with one's life. The episode aired during my bridal shower.)

Overall reaction: Ooh, I *liked* this!

Seven things I liked:

1. Kudos to the actress playing young Melody. She was amazing. At the end of the opener, I just wanted to keep watching to see more of Mels!

2. Oh, Matt Smith. Stroking my inner h/c junkie with your floppy body and uneven voice. Have we ever seen the Doctor quite this disabled? (Other than, perhaps, in "The Caves of Androzani"?)

3. I love Amy/Rory. You guys, I keep thinking I can't love them more, but then I do. Rory's quiet alertness and smarts, Amy's instincts and constant courage; the way they both look at Melody whenever they're in the room with her... <3

4. Special mention for Amy's line: "She's River... and our daughter." Which captures perfectly the odd paradox of their relationship to her.

5. Tiny people in a robot human body. WIN WIN WIN.

6. The moment when Amy finally realized that Rory was in love with her. <3 <3 <3

7. Melody's awe and confusion at realizing how much the Doctor cares.

Three things I noticed:

1. Melody: "I think I'll change the age a bit. De-age it a little. Just to freak people out." Way to address the aging of the actress in-character, Show. :)

2. I love that River's reaction to her own regeneration is so different from--and so much the same as--the Doctor's to his. LOL. Also, is this the first regeneration where we've seen a major change in skin tone? Canonically, I mean?

3. Out of all the images of his companions that the Voice Interface tried, it was the image of Donna that seemed to dig the deepest. Oh, Doctor.


--What is up with River being this age and still not knowing her River Song name? Does she not get it from the forest people after all, except via the Doctor and her parents?

--I'm a little unsettled by Melody being called a psychopath, although the Doctor's "my own bespoke psychopath" was rather endearing. In a technical sense, she isn't; though I expect it might be hard to tell the difference, sometimes, between intense brainwashing and an actual mental disorder.

Can't wait for the next episode! This season continues to be awesome.
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