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30 Days of Fan Fiction Meme, Day Twenty-Three

23 – When you post, where do you post to? Just your journal? Just an archive? Your own personal site?

For a long time, I used fanfiction.net as my catchall archive, while posting stories also to fandom-specific mailing lists or groups. Then I graduated to using my LiveJournal, with ff.net as backup, and the occasional submission to a fandom-specific archive.

Then the Archive Of Our Own happened. I am not the activist that most of the founders are, and I never will be (I violently disagree with them on some things, but understand why they have structured things as they have, and approve of their goals and skills). However, I love using AO3. Now, when I post, it's first to my LJ, then to AO3, and to my now-slightly-redundant ff.net profile. I haven't used the fandom-specific archives much in a long time. Hmm, there's a bit of a project--submit the last 2 years of N3 fics to the CalSci Library. :)

24 – Betaing – How many betas do you like to use to make sure there aren't any major flaws in your fic? Do you have a Beta horror story or dream story?

25 – Music – Do you listen to music while you write? Do you make playlists to get into a certain "mood" to write your fic? Do you need noise in general? Or do you need it completely quiet?

26 – What is the oddest (or funnest) thing you've had to research for a fic?

27 – Where is your favorite place to write, and do you write by hand or on the computer?

28 – Have you ever collaborated with anyone else, whether writing together, or having an artist work on a piece about your fic?

29 – What is your current project or projects?

30 – Do you have a favorite fic you've written? What makes it your favorite? And don't forget to give us a link!
Tags: fan fic, fandom, meme, writing

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