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Annoyances: people on FB and on LJ

Okay, I understand that people have a right to get upset at service providers. I do it myself.

I'm not a fan of the recent overhaul of Facebook, and I have talked about that there. I get why people are pissed off at LiveJournal. Fine.

But you know what? I'm still not going to ditch my past 7 years of Internet social spaces. I'm still on FB, even though I can barely use it effectively right now after the changes, because that's where I keep in touch with family members and some long-distance friends, and that's why I joined FB in the first place.

If they all leave, I suppose I might eventually follow. But I'm not going to go make myself a Google+ profile just on on the off chance that happens. I don't have time for that--I barely have time right now to do any RL socializing.

As for LiveJournal? *shrug* It seems that another wave of people are opening DW accounts/thinking of going full-time to DW and deleting their LJs. If that's what makes you feel comfortable and safe, okay. Go you.

I'll miss you, though, because I don't have time to try and make that kind of switch. (And DW is still pretty ugly--haven't they come up with any pretty skins yet?) So... ta. Keep in touch. I'll be here a while yet, even if I'm only lurking.
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