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Fandom stuff I need to catch up on:

Wow, I am just getting more behind by the week. Here are the stats of things I haven't watched:

Shows I normally watch that are on right now:
(1) Doctor Who: still haven't seen the finale
(6) Supernatural: I've seen ONLY the premiere of season 7 ("Meet the New Boss").
(1) Bones: I have the premiere on my DVR.
(2) Chuck: and I don't have these on the DVR (plus I missed last season's finale).

New shows:
Person of Interest - friends like it, and I adore Michael Emerson, but I haven't seen one episode.
Prime Suspect - same thing.
Grimm - only two episodes behind, one of which is on the DVR, but... same thing.
Castle - okay, new-ish to me, but the hubby's favorite show. Have one on the DVR that hasn't been watched yet.
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