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Late Thanksgiving post

It's hard to know where to start, sometimes. As last year was so much more full of gratitude than 2009, so this year is more full than last year.

I think I am not even going to try. I will say a few things, and leave the rest.

I am grateful for permanent employment at a job that I love.

I am grateful for my husband. Being married so far has been relaxed, busy, complex, easy, romantic, sexy, prosaic, and just plain fun. I very much look forward to the future--and especially to how we will continue to change each other and help each other be the best we can be.

I am grateful that I live in Los Angeles. I still am not entirely a city girl--at least not an urban city girl--but this is where my people are, my creative, lost, astonishing, crazy people.

I am grateful that I am who I am, and I look forward to exploring my own story (rather than anyone else's) and leaning to speak the truths that I have spent so many years working out within my spirit and mind and heart.

I am grateful for my friends, and for my family, and for my country and the freedom we enjoy here.

I am grateful for coffee, and hot running water, and central air conditioning, and fireplaces, and artichokes, and bread and peanut butter, and hugs, and the ocean, and the at-homeness I feel every time I pause and turn my thoughts to God, who made all these things and blessed me and mine with them.

May he also bless you.
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