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Doctor Who, "The Wedding of River Song"

I finally saw this!

"The Wedding of River Song"

I feel like this made not a great amount of sense, plot-wise, but I loved it all the same.

--Doctor/River: whoa. I love that River won't let anyone use her again.... and that the Doctor has to acknowledge her as his equal (marry her) to get her to listen to him. <3 <3 <3

--AMY/RORY. Especially Amy's sketch of Rory as an incredibly buff action hero.

--Also, "We should get a drink." "...all right." "And get married." "...all right." :-D

--I'm a little startled that the show went to the dark place of having Amy kill Madame what's-her-name. It makes all kinds of sense, and it's wonderful to watch Amy expressing her fierce maternal side, but still... wow.

--How badass is Rory Willaims, you guys?

--And if it weren't still kind of a spoiler, I'd really like an icon of the Doctor and River's hands bound by his bowtie. What a perfect marriage ceremony, in the heat of danger and intelligence and emotion. <3

...so yeah, basically it gave me all kinds of thrilling warm fuzzies, which is what I was hoping for. Nicely done, Moffat and Co.
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