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Fanfic year in review (um, sort of)

I've done a fic-year-in-review for the past several years. I was going to use the same format this time, but when I went back through the "my fics" tag for 2011, I realized I'd posted a grand total of three fics. That's way down from my usual 10+. I've worked on three or four more, but they're not finished, and a couple of them never will be.

So I'm doing a very short version of the review this time.

Fics I wrote this year:

If You Love (Supernatural)
Written for feliciakw's birthday. "Call him. Call him and tell him to come home." Spoilers for early season 6. PG-13.

Turn the Hearts of the Fathers (Numb3rs)
Slightly AU, set after season 4. Written for a thewritersguild ficathon. A sign, perhaps. A thaw, the opposite of the freeze that has existed between herself and her father for the past several years. PG.

Dean Winchester, Ghost Hunter (Supernatural)
Written for kalquessa's birthday. Preseries. He never told Dad. PG.

I like all of these, but I think "Turn the Hearts of the Fathers" might be the best of the three. It was the hardest to write, but also the most cathartic and involving.

My favorite stories of the year, in no particular order:

Helping you is what I do, by Wildgoosery (Moon)
Eighteen years on the far side of the moon. GERTY's point of view: being, becoming, caretaking, relationship. A beautiful and appropriately intellectual/prosaic take on the world that GERTY and Sam inhabit together.

Immortal, by tornyourdress (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)
Steps to becoming a joined Trill. I almost never read DS9 fic, but this year's Yuletide gave us some good ones, and this is my favorite: an indepth look at Jadzia's possible journey towards being joined.

Always Winter, by halotolerant (Narnia/Tintin)
“Snow,” he murmurs, almost to himself. “I saw the snow, it was all nothing but snow, everywhere. He was trapped in it. He was calling for me.” An emotional, slightly surreal, imaginative take on Tintin canon, in which as a child he finds himself in Narnia's deep winter, having been called there. Seriously, if you know these fandoms, don't miss this one.

The Season of Grace, by Dira Sudis (Oxford Time Travel universe--Connie Willis)
The strangest thing about it, beforehand, is that no one tries to stop her from going. This is the story of what Kivrin did after the events in The Doomsday Book. It's an older story, but I just discovered it.

The Case of the Non-Floral Present, by linman (White Collar)
Peter wants to give Neal a simple thank-you present. But he winds up giving him a case as well. A shorter case-story, this is also about the growing friendship between Peter and Neal, two men very different yet sometimes very much alike. <3

A Profound Coming Loose, by igrockspock (Star Trek 2009)
Amanda is ready for sex. Sarek isn't. It's not an easy conversation, but it's not a hard one either. This is one of the most beautiful, in-character conversations I've ever seen on this topic, in fanfic or out of it. I especially love that I found it this year, not long before my marriage.

Burke's Two, by tigerlady (White Collar)
"I want you to go, and I want you to buy me some flowers. You know the ones I love. When you walk through the door, I want you to kiss me. Then you're going to sweep me off my feet, and you're gonna make love to me. Can you do that?" -Elizabeth, Burke's Seven Elizabeth/Peter. The tag on this fic is "hot married sex," and yes, it is very explicit, so click with care.

Profic goals for 2012:

--outline and first draft of my novel.

--write 1 short film script.

--take class on writing pilot episodes.

--plot an Alphas spec script.

Fanfic goals for 2012:

--Get the long version of "Uneven" tweaked and posted.

--Finish that darn TS AU fic.

--Finish the helpjapan fic that kerravonsen won from me.
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