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Another image I wish I could create

In the same vein as this post, here is another image that I can't shake out of my mind, but which I don't have the skills to create.

This is probably a painting, although it could also be an ink drawing or something like that.

The background is white, shadowy, giving the impression of infinite space.

From the side, we see a naked female figure dangling in that open space. All her weight seems to hang from her right wrist; that arm is stretched up. Her palm is open upward, her face alive and open and looking up to where the light in the scene comes from, somewhere above and out of frame.

There's no obvious cord around that raised wrist, but from many places on her body--almost as if from her very pores--fine gray or silver threads spin upwards. She seems to be in a partial cocoon. It doesn't obscure much of her figure, but it does complicate it, and the ends of the threads wend off into that bright upper distance.

At first glance you might say she is breaking free of a cocoon anchored above her. At the second glance, it's clear that wherever the threads reach to, they come from herself, and if she's breaking free of them, she's breaking free of something her own creation.
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