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Update: work, fandom, writing

*flops into desk chair*

Whew. Okay. So, the one thing nobody told me about marriage was how hard it is to mesh the schedules of two people who have each been single and independent for well over a decade. So, the state of the Izh, in short bursts:

Many of you know that the job I found after my unemployed years has had me writing closed captioning for television shows. This is brilliant; as I tell anyone who asks, I finally conned the universe into paying me for watching TV all day. It is also hard work; 8 hours of almost non-stop typing or proofreading every weekday, and often overtime on the weekends. But it hits two of my deepest buttons: I get to make more stories available, and to a group of people I've been interested in working with since I was a child--the Deaf community.

Well, things just got even better. Our other department describes television episodes and films for the blind and vision-impaired. They are now shorthanded for the amount of work coming in, and so I am being cross-trained to describe. Which means I get to write at work, for my job. And I get screen credit for that. \o/

Okay, so, I am finding very little time for fandom stuff. In fact, little time to watch, which is making me sad mostly because 1) then I cannot discuss with friends, and 2) because Hulu is being dumb about putting up WC episodes only for about a week, and I am still too behind to have caught up! iTunes is getting too much of my money right now.

That said, I am only 2 episodes behind on SPN. I've seen the White Collar mid-finale second part (whoa, so much goodness in there--CAN I PLEASE BE ELIZABETH WHEN I GROW UP?). And my husband has finally gotten me into Castle, which I originally gave up on in its first season because they'd made Beckett so boring. But that has been fixed, in spades, and I love the show now.

I'm waiting for Alphas second season to start.

Technically, the project of the moment is my original novel, which is still nameless (argh). In practice, I am not working on it nearly as much as I ought to. (I ought to be writing that instead of this post, but I miss you all, so.)

Also, one of my friends was just published in a rockin', amazing, glorious thing called Womanthology, which I wish I had been able to contribute to. However! It is now going to become a continuing anthology series, so I am working on three different short comic-book ideas, in case I get another chance. Also because I've wanted to try writing for comics for a long time, and never got around to it.

Last, I said I was trying to write more spiritual blog posts during Lent. That's still going on, just at a much slower pace than originally planned. (See above re: marriage.)

Over and out, for the moment.
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