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Genre books relevant to theological discussions: seeking recs

I'm sort of half-way ripping this idea off from someone-- tree_and_leaf, iirc. So apologies and credit due there.

kalquessa once said that she could bring me just about any book, say "point to God," and I could do so, and there He would be, and would have been there all along.

In keeping with that skill, and because I love books and theology and talking about them together, I'm trying to put together five to six genre books that would create really good, diverse jumping-off points for theological discussion, and which could be paired with specific Biblical texts for comparison. (I'm open to stretching things widely on that point--making people think larger would be part of the whole idea.)

However, I'm having an interesting time coming up with specific books that might work really well. I would love recommendations, especially since I would like to toss it up and use stuff from different genres... I have a bunch of sci-fi, for example, but not much horror, and shockingly not much fantasy. I'm not looking for strictly or obviously Christian work. As an example, two books I'd really like to use are Paladin of Souls and IT. The Time Traveler's Wife would also be REALLY good.
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