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20 Random Facts About Me

I was tagged for this meme by whitemartyr. Thanks, silly. :-)

1. I am the eldest of seven children.
2. No, my family is not Catholic; we are Protestant (and "charistmatic") Christian.
3. I lived in the same house from the time I was four until I left for university at 19.
4. I still played with my dolls (mind you, I had about 35, all with names/personalities) at age 14.
5. I attended a Canadian university--Trinity Western.
6. My first day on campus was also the first time I'd been outside the USA for more than an afternoon.
7. I had hair down past my bum until about a year ago.
8. I have never dyed or bleached my hair.
9. I mail-order bras, because stupid stores don't carry anything for A-and-a-half.
10. I first read "Lord of the Rings" when I was nine.
11. I read it at least once a year after that, till I got into college.
12. I wrote my first fanfiction story when I was fourteen--at least 3 years before I knew what fanfic was.
13. I have had the privilage of watching one of my sisters being born (at home, no less).
14. I have not kissed a boy since kindergarten.
15. Somehow I missed out on the Harry Potter hype/freak-out until I actually read book one.
16. I've met Dean Batali, who wrote for Buffy--he's the coolest TV-writer-also-Christian.
17. I'm not sure how I became a CSI fan, given that my first, traumatic episode was "Slaves of Las Vegas", aka the S&M-bondage-club episode.
18. I adore the liturgy in the Anglican Book of Common Prayer.
19. I think a lot about going back to school someday for a Master's or further degree--preferably in some field where I can study fandom. :-)
20. I am attracted to older men, both in RL and in media. (Richard Dean Anderson, William Petersen, Steve Martin...oh yeah.)

There, was that random enough?
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