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Holy friggin' CRAP.

Okay. We just spent 2 1/2 hours without power, in the middle of the day. Roughly 1pm - 3:30pm. I work in my company's Burbank office, and the first thought was that the construction next door had cut the wrong line.

Until one of my coworker told us that the radio had been reporting widespread power outages in Downtown Los Angeles.

People started calling friends, family, etc... Pretty much all of LA County was without power. We didn't hear why for quite a while, and actually got the news through someone who called his family on the East Coast and had them tell him what was being reported on CNN.

Naturally, the assumption was (because of the terror threat yesterday, and the coincidence of the date) that this could be a terrorist attack.

So far, it looks like it isn't. As you can guess, power is now back on, and I am posting.

Wow, I've had enough adreniline for the day. Trying to work in half-darkness, not wanting to drive home because the traffic lights would be out, totally not knowing when the power might come back or what might have caused it....

Well. The prayer reflex got a good work-out. :-)

And at least I can't say my Monday was boring!
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