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Letter to My Yuletide Author

Hello to my fantastic author!

I'll try to keep this short-ish. I have a few definite preferences, but of course you are free to let the Muse roam and use whatever she brings you. :)

My tastes in fic run strongly to gen, with side trips into het romance. I don't like slash, largely because I'm All About Canon (I don't tend to go for non-canon het pairings either), and because I adore rich portrayals of close non-sexual relationships, whether family or friendship. If you normally slash the characters I've asked for... I dunno, think of this as a challenge. *g*

I love anything that gives me more of the characters as they are in source canon. If I can recognize them, in action and interaction and dialogue or narrative voice, you will have made me happy, full stop. Within that requirement, I'm open to everything from ridiculous happy fluff to gut-wrenching angst, from babyfic to character death.

I have special soft spots for friendship, h/c, adventure stories, and small, intimate moments. I'm fond of smarm, too, though (as with h/c) I want the story to earn it and I want it to be in-character, even if the characters are being more open or affectionate with each other than usual.

Specific squicks include: non-canon slash, porn for the sake of porn, incest, and sexualized violence (unless it's not explicit and is necessary to the story). I don't enjoy partner betrayal, romantic or otherwise, but again, it all depends on characterization. I have no problems with violence or language.

In Time may not be the world's greatest film, but it sure gave me a lot of to think about--I spent two weeks after seeing it wishing it were a TV series instead. There's so much about this world left unexplored! Everything we struggle with in terms of economic inequality is driven to survival heights. What would that mean to someone whose religion emphasized giving? Or the fact that a mother and son can both look 25 for year--I would love to see how Rachel and Will might have dealt with that. Honestly, though, anything with Rachel and Will, their particular hardscrabble family life and close bond, would please me.

Tron is one of those classic childhood films that still grabs me. I love the religious overtones, the users and their programs; I love that a user triggers a revolution; I love the details of the world in the computer, like the energy pools; and I love Flynn, Tron, and Yori. Anything with them would make me happy, but I'm thinking some stuff after the end of the original film would be fun. What do Tron and Yori get up to in mending their world? What are the very early days of the rebuilding like? Or expand it--I love Tron: Legacy, and seeing glimpses of the journey to that future would be fun. I'd prefer gen, although I'm happy shipping Tron/Yori, too.

I would love a story dealing with female friendship and mother-daughter bonds. Explore the relationship between Ista and Iselle (either before or after Ista's recovery); explore the sisterly bond between Iselle and Betriz, and how they supported each other during crises; or throw them all together for an adventure involving demons and the Bastard.

My favorite thing about this show is how grounded it is in the nitty-gritty problems and issues of real life. Anything that deals with this, that meshes powers and problems using them, whether in a "day in the life" story or a real case-story adventure, is perfect. I'm particularly fond of Gary and of Rachel (my favorite episode so far is "Never Let Me Go"), though I asked for Rosen and Nina as well. Also, I am not fully caught up on season 2, so if the story could be set in season one, or not be dependent on season 2 events, that might be better.

I can't wait to see what you write! Thank you!
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