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Doctor Who: The Angels Take Manhattan

Okay, wow, it took me this long to find enough spare time to sit down and watch this episode.

3 Things I Was Indifferent To:

--First off, I adored all the noir lighting and costuming and so on, but I was hoping the P.I. at the beginning would have a larger role. The structure of this episode was not as tight as I know Moffat can do.

--The Statue of Liberty. I think that was supposed to be awesome or funny, but I was just annoyed.

--I think there's a giant plothole with the angel's "farm," but... I'm open to being convinced otherwise.

5 Things I Loved:

--RIVER IS A CROSS BETWEEN FEMME FATALE AND PRIVATE EYE. I badly want to read the Molly Malone stories now. <3 noir. <3 River. <3 that amazing outfit she was wearing, especially with the hat!

--That adorable scene in the park at the beginning, with Amy's glasses and Rory wanting to escape to get coffee, and the Doctor reading aloud accidentally, and Rory and Amy kissing and embarrassing him...

--All the marriage stuff with both couples. I feel like this is a weird reaction to have, but... watching River and the Doctor bicker and lie to each other, and watching Rory and Amy cling together, and tell truth to each other, and find solutions together was both strange and beautiful to me. Perhaps it's because I'm a newlywed myself, and still trying to parse all these possibilities. "Changing the future. It's called marriage."

--I wasn't sure how they could write Rory and Amy out without making me angry at the wrongness of it... but this was perfect. The fakeout sacrifice, and then the real farewell. I am not ashamed to admit I cried as I have not cried since the Doctor's speech in "The Big Bang." (ETA: Well, naturally, huh? "Live well. Love Rory. Bye-bye, Pond.")

--River called Amy "Mother." I think one of my favorite shots is when she reaches out to hold Amy's hand there at the end.

--Amy: "You think you'll just come back to life." Rory: "When don't I?" I will miss you, Ponds!
Tags: amy/rory, doctor who, marriage, reviews, spoilers

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