izhilzha (izhilzha) wrote,

Fire/RL update

So, we've gotten a better look in our apartment, were allowed to take some stuff out, and have gotten better information about what the fire did the to the building and what that means for us the residents.

At our visit to the apartment on Sunday, we realized we hadn't known how bad the smoke damage was. Everything is coated in a thin layer of greasy soot. Everything smells bad, even the books, even the tables. I packed up our wine so we could take it out and check to see if it's drinkable, and my hands were black afterwards.

The company our building owner has hired to do the restoration work (American Technologies, Inc, a very respected company) finally got us an estimate on how much it would cost for them to clean our stuff and move it back into our unit. It's considerably more than we were hoping it would be. :(

We're considering whether we might be able to do some of the cleaning ourselves (wipe down the books and DVDs, etc) and save some of that money. But we just don't know right now. Prayers for wisdom would be appreciated, that we would know how to be thrifty but also be able to keep ourselves (and each other) sane during the process.
Tags: fires, gip!, real life, update

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