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I'm on a podcast! :) - Light One Candle

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August 19th, 2013

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07:09 pm - I'm on a podcast! :)
Specifically, a friend of mine has begun recording a series of podcasts. The first one is now online, and myself and my husband mrizh are the guests being interviewed!

There will be a couple of different types of podcasts going up on the Banter Podcast Network, and I wanted to make sure you all heard about it. "Hollywood on Hollywood" will be a series interviewing people employed in showbiz or showbiz-adjacent jobs (Dan works in digital sound, I create closed captioning).

You can subscribe to the Banter Podcast Network on iTunes as well. It may be easier to download and listen on your hard drive than to stream. You can also follow the Network on Twitter: @BanterPodcasts.

Please, if you listen and enjoy, leave some feedback--even just here on my post.
Current Mood: pleasedpleased

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