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My 10-year LAversary

One week ago was the 10-year anniversary of my arrival in L.A.

I didn't even realize it had been an entire decade until the week before! A lot has changed during those years. I'm married now, have a lot of friends I hadn't met then, have written many more stories and I actually love the city I live in. (That love took most of the first five years here to grow in.) I'm better at giving myself space to cope in regular life, and better at faking extroversion when I need to.

Some things haven't changed, though. I still love to write. I'm still keen to work in TV. I still pray and go to church and hope to change the world through my love and my art.

I don't know what the next five to ten years hold--children, maybe, or a Real Hollywood Job, or publishing a novel, or just learning how to be my real self with people, to connect with them rather than hide away as if that would serve them better.

But I can tell you: I'm really looking forward to finding out. :)
Tags: friendship, godstuff, gratitude, hollywood, los angeles, marriage, real life, writing

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