izhilzha (izhilzha) wrote,

A few quick thoughts as I finish up SPN season 8

I had some issues with the first half of this season, mostly to do with Sam--not that he had his fling with normality, a girlfriend and a dog, but that the show seemed to blame him for doing that. I understand the impulse, but I have to admit some empathy with Sam, here. And Dean's storyline gave us Benny, who is by far my favorite guest star since Charlie showed up.

--I'm so happy to see Benny again. His final episode (I assume, not being quite done yet) really hurt my heart, but in the best way. It was wrenching to see Dean ask him to basically agree to die, and to see Benny give that gift so wholeheartedly, out of both love for Dean and despair at living life on Earth. (Dean's face... oh, Jensen, you slay me with sorrow.)

--Charlie came back! :) I really like her a lot, and this might be my favorite episode with her to date. The family stuff, the sisterly-brotherly relationships she's establishing with Sam and Dean, having djinn as the monster again (yay), and that final scene reading aloud from The Hobbit... Charlie can come back whenever she wants.

--I'm really worried about Kevin right now, though. I like him. :( Where is he? Is he okay? Is he dead? Did Crowley really get him?

--I'm also worried about Sam. I'm not sure if we've ever seen either of the brothers disabled like this, outside of fan fiction. (I'm up through "Pac Man Fever.") I'm worried about Dean's mental health, somewhat, but more worried about what may happen to Sam, and what that will do to Dean. *smishes them*
Tags: reviews, season 8, supernatural

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